WooCommerce Development

WordPress & WooCommerce Custom Plugin Development.

WooCommerce Development

Hi, I'm Edith Allison! I build online shops with WooCommerce. My speciality are B2B / Wholesale shops and creating custom functionality (commonly known as plugins). 

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    WordPress is an open source content management system. It's my tool of choice for building sites. 

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    WooCommerce is a popular plugin to turn a WP site into a fully featured eCommerce shop. Talk to me about optimising & extending Woo!

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    WP Plugin Development

    Plugins extend what WP / Woo can do. If your business needs your shop to do something, talk to me about building it for you. 

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    WP Maintenance

    For existing clients I can offer WP maintenance contracts at reasonable prices to keep your site in optimal health & performance. 

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    I've been building online shops since 2005 and understand the challenges to successfully sell online.

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    Advice & Reviews

    Need advice on how to improve your site or help on deciding which plugin is right for you? Then hire me for a review!

My own version of popular WP boilerplate by Tom McFarlin and Devin Vinson. Currently at RC1 stage, use with care. Comes with namespaces, multisite support, no Loader class, no global functions.

Deutsch, Österreichisch oder Englisch? Gerne!

Guten Tag! Ich bin Edith Allison, eine freiberufliche Programmiererin mit Firmensitz in Thalheim bei Wels, Österreich. Mein Fokus liegt auf online shops für Familienbetriebe, vor allem B2B und Grosshandel. Falls Sie  anfangen möchten online zu verkaufen oder Ihren bestehenden shop verbessern möchten, dann sind Sie hier an der richtigen Stelle. PS Ich war 20 Jahre in England sesshaft, damit helfe ich auch gerne mit zweisprachigen Projekten.