File Deletions in WP All Import

Last updated 1 April 2020. The WordPress plugin “WP All Import” allows site admins to bulk upload data in CSV (or other) formats. Its Pro version is compatible with WooCommerce and ACF, making it a popular choice for Woo shop owners to bulk import and update product data. WP All Import comes with a multitude of settings which give great flexibility, but with great flexibility comes great complexity. And it’s not always clearly labelled what consequences these settings have. This blog post looks at one of the potentially disastrous events: permanent deletion of files from …

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All the ways to write paths in WordPress & WooCommerce

I don’t use hardcoded URLS and paths in my code as most of my sites are for clients which have to be moved from the development server to the live server. In the database, it’s easy enough to modify the URLs through search & replace; but within files, it’s a recipe for disaster using a full URL or server path.  So as a cheatsheet for myself, I’ve documented all the ways we can write WP & Woo URLs and paths in PHP. Difference URL and Path A path is the server path to a file, …

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